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Author Title Volume Part Year Pages Illustrations Pub # Price
DeMar, R. E. Longiscitula houghae, a New Genus of Dissorophid Amphibian from the Permian of Texas. 16 2 1966 9 2 1005 $8.00
DeMar, R. E. Phylogenetic and Functional Implications of the Armor of the Dissorophidae. 16 3 1966 34 9 1007 $12.00
DeMar, R. E. Two New Species of Broiliellus (Amphibians) from the Permian of Texas. 16 5 1967 13 2 1020 $8.00
DeMar, R. E. Functional Morphological Models: Evolutionary and non-Evolutionary. 33 19 1976 15   1234 $8.00
Denison, R. H. Evolution and Classification of the Osteostraci. bound with: Exoskeleton of Early Osteostraci. 11 3&4 1951 64 18 659 $24.00
Denison, R. H. Late Devonian Freshwater Fishes from the Western United States. 11 5 1951 43 12 686 $24.00
Denison, R. H. Early Devonian Fishes from Utah. Part I. Osteostraci. 11 6 1952 25 11 693 $20.00
Denison, R. H. Early Devonian Fishes from Utah. Part II. Heterostraci 11 7 1953 67 23 722 $25.00
Denison, R. H. Early Devonian Fishes from Utah. Pt III. Arthrodira. 11 9 1958 93 31 842 $26.00
Denison, R. H. Fishes of the Devonian Holland Quarry Shale of Ohio. 11 10 1960 61 33 888 $20.00
Denison, R. H. Reconstruction of the Shield of the Arthrodire, Bryantolepis brachycephalus (Bryant). 14 6 1962 6 4 950 $8.00
Denison, R. H. New Silurian Heterostraci from Southeastern Yukon. 14 7 1963 37 25 963 $20.00
Denison, R. H. Cyathaspididae. A Family of Silurian and Devonian Jawless Vertebrates. 13 5 1964 167 72 978 $45.00
Denison, R. H. Cardipeltis, an Early Devonian agnathan of the Order Heterostraci. 16 4 1966 28 11 1011 $15.00
Denison, R. H. Ordivician Vertebrates from Western United States. 16 6 1967 61 26 1034 $30.00
Denison, R. H. Middle Devonian Fishes from the Lemhi Range of Idaho. 16 10 1968 20 12 1062 $12.00
Denison, R. H. Revised Classification of Pteraspididae with Description of New Forms from Wyoming. 20 1 1970 41 26 1106 $24.00
Denison, R. H. Structure and Evolution of Teeth in Lung Fishes. 33 3 1974 28 15 1180 $14.00
Evans, R. D. Measurements of the Age of the Solar System. 7 6 1943 20 5 543 $15.00
Evans, R. D.; Hastings, J. L.; Schumb, W. C. Radioactive Determination of Protactinium in Siliceous Terrestrial and Meteoritic Material. 7 5 1939 8   456 $15.00

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