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Author Title Volume Part Year Pages Illustrations Pub # Price
Armstrong-Ziegler, G. Amphibia and Reptilia from the Campanian of New Mexico. 4   1980 39 6 1308 $12.00
Bardack, D. Paracanthopterygian and Acanthopterygian Fishes from the Upper Cretaceous of Kansas. 33 20 1976 19 9 1235 $10.00
Bardack, D. & Richardson, E. S. New agnathous Fishes from the Pennsylvanian of Illinois. 33 26 1977 22 11 1261 $14.00
Bardack, D. & Sprinkle, G. Morphology and Relationship of Saurocephalid Fishes. 16 12 1969 44 8 1075 $14.00
Black, C. C. New Pareumys (Rodentia: Cylindrodontidae) from the Duchesne River Formation, Utah. 16 17 1970 7 2 1097 $8.00
Bolt, J. R. Osteology, Function, and Evolution of the Trema-topsid (Amphibia: Labyrinthodontia) Nasal Region. 33 2 1974 20 5 1178 $12.00
Bolt, J. R. Trematopsid skull from the Lower Permian, and Analysis of Some Characters of the Dissorophoid (Amphibia: Labyrinthodontia) otic notch. 30 3 1974 13 4 1189 $10.00
Bolt, J. R. Cacops (Amphibia: Labyrinthodontia) from the Fort Sill Locality, Lower Permian of Oklahoma. 37 3 1977 13 5 1264 $8.00
Bruner, J. C. Catalogue of Type Specimens of Fossil Vertebrates in the Field Museum of Natural History. Classes Amphibia, Reptilia, Aves, and Ichnites. 22   1991 54 1 1430 $18.00
Bruner, J. C. Catalogue of Type Specimens of Fossil Fishes in the Field Museum of Natural History. 23   1992 54   1431 $18.00
Carman, J. E. Stratigraphy of the Devonian Holland Quarry Shale of Ohio. 14 1 1960 5 1 886 $8.00
Carman, M. R. Catalogue of Type, Figured, and Referred Mazon Creek Fossils in Private Collections. 19   1990 29   1407 $15.00
Chang, Mee-mann & Grande, L. Redescription of Paraclupea chetungensis, an Early Clupeomorph from the Lower Cretaceous of Southeastern China. 37   1997 19 8 1489 $10.00
Clark, J. Cymaprimadontidae, a New Family of Insectivores 16 8 1968 14 6 1042 $8.00
Clark, J. Population dynamics of Leptomeryx. 16 16 1970 41 13 1089 $12.00
Clark, J. & Guensburg, T. E. Arctoid genetic Characteristics as Related to the Genus Parictis. 26 1 1972 71   1150 $25.00
Colbert, E. H. Triassic Reptile, Poposaurus. 14 4 1961 20 5 912 $14.00
Crane, P. R.; Manchester, S. R.; Dilcher, D. L. Preliminary Survey of Fossil Leaves and Well-preserved Reproductive Structures from the Sentinel Butte Formation (Paleocene) Near Almont, North Dakota. 20   1990 63 36 1418 $14.00
Croft, D. Large Archaeohyracids (Typotheria, Notoungulata) from Central Chile and Patagonia, Including a Revision of Archaeotypotherium. 49   2003 38 18 1527 $15.00
Croft, D. Notoungulata and Litopterna of the Early Miocene Chucal Fauna, Nothern Chile. 50   2004 52 18 1528 $15.00

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