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Author Title Volume Part Year Pages Illustrations Pub # Price
Hall, M. T. New Species of Juniperus from Mexico. 34 4 1971 9 7 1131 $10.00
Hans, J El Nino in Peru: Biology and Culture over 10,000 years. 43   2003 107 55 1524 $15.00
Heller, A. H. New Eurystyles from Nicaragua. (bound along with Botany # 1036 & 1038 & 1039) 31 12 1968     1037 $10.50
Heller, A. H. Three New Nicaraguan Epidendrums. (bound along with Botany # 1052 & 1054 & 1055) 32 2 1968     1053 $9.50
Heller, A. H. New Odontoglossum from Nicaragua. (bound along with Botany # 1071 & 1072 & 1074) 32 7 1969     1073 $6.00
Holmes, W. C. & McDaniel, S. Flora of Peru. Family Compositae: Part III. Genus Mikania, Tribe Eupatorieae. 9   1982 56 11 1333 $7.00
Kenoyer, L. A.; Standley, P.C.; Howe, M.A. Supplement to the Flora of Barro Colorado Island, Panama. (Kenoyer & Standley). II. Two New Species of Chara from Tropical America. (Howe). 4 6 1929 22 6 258 $8.00
Killip, E. P. American Species of Passifloraceae. 19 2 1938 280   408 $50.00

Luteyn, James and Robert Wilbur. 

Flora Costaricensis: Family #172 Ericaceae 45   2005 107   1536 $40.00

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